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C2 Solutions Partnership




Strategic partnership delivers a revolutionary way to drive consumers to high-quality healthcare


NEW YORK, NY (August 4, 2021)—C2 Centric, LLC (C2) today announced a strategic partnership with Garner Health™ to help clients steer their employees to the highest quality medical care available. Garner is a simple plan addition that drives more care to the highest quality doctors in the local community, generating significant savings and better health outcomes for employers and employees.


Because high quality doctors keep patients healthy, Garner recommended providers are also more cost-effective in the long run, creating a net cost-savings for employers while providing better, more affordable care for their employees.


“Health care was built on the back of employers and their employees. The ecosystem has always been protected by a black box. Garner Health is a solution that strategically looks beyond the cost of health care and focuses on the quality of health care. High quality equates to better health, better care and better costs. Garner Health creates a clear box for the real payers of health care,” Scott McGohan, CEO of McGohan Brabender.


C2 partners with carriers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, carriers and technology partners. This strategic collaboration allows access to exclusive products and services for member firm clients. As part of this partnership between C2 and Garner Health™, C2 member firms (McGohan Brabender, Holmes Murphy & Associates, Connor Strong and Buckelew, M3 Insurance, The Partners Group, and Scott Insurance) will have preferred access to distribute the Garner product to their employers and members.


“A good healthcare plan needs to do more than just keep costs down,” said Den Bishop, Holmes Murphy President. “Our partnership with Garner enables our clients’ employees to get the best care available, which translates to fewer complications and unnecessary medical procedures. It’s one more way we’re able to bring healthcare together.”


“C2’s proven track record of delivering quality solutions and value to their clients and members makes them the perfect collaborative partner for us,” said Garner Health founder and CEO, Nick Reber. “We’re excited to begin working hand-in-hand with C2 and the member firms to guide even more people to higher quality and lower cost healthcare providers.”



C2 Solutions is an equity-owned partnership powered by Connor Strong & Buckelew, Holmes Murphy & Associates, M3 Insurance, McGohan Brabender, Scott Insurance and The Partners Group. Together, this partnership between member firms and preferred partners are working together to fundamentally change the face of employee benefits consulting. Through strategic collaboration with its clients, carriers, and technology partners, the organization creates innovative product and service offerings that deliver greater quality and value. For more information, visit



Garner Health Technology, Inc. is a health benefit program that helps employees find the best possible doctors in their community. Using proprietary doctor-quality ranking algorithms, consumer-friendly engagement tools, and creative financial incentives, Garner is able to lower out-of-pocket spending for employees while saving employers 10% or more on overall health benefit costs.

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