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Our Mission

Garner's mission is to transform the healthcare economy, delivering high quality and affordable care for all.
Our goal is to change how our healthcare system works at its core. Using a new approach to data science and novel financial incentives, we help patients identify the highest-quality doctors and help doctors improve how they practice medicine. We seek to change the economics of healthcare so that providers thrive by practicing the best medicine, not by performing more harmful procedures. If you are excited about delivering high-quality and affordable healthcare for all, join us.

Our leadership

The Garner team is a passionate group of talented people working together to transform the healthcare system.


Founder & CEO


Chief People Officer


Data Science


Customer Success


Strategy and Operations


Employer sales




Our Culture

Our culture flows out of our mission and was shaped from the language and ideas of our employees. It connects us in caring deeply about doing something different and hard - transforming the healthcare economy. Our culture creates an actionable set of norms for how we operate with one another, including how we make decisions and interact.


Our mission is to transform our healthcare system. Everything else is secondary.

  • Every decision we make is in support of achieving our mission.

  • We don’t let politics or politeness come between us and our goals.

  • We all operate as owners of the business and constantly identify areas for improvement outside the scope of our current responsibilities.


Our mission is audacious. We only succeed by producing exceptional results.

  • Garner is hard work: We continually push each other beyond what is comfortable to help us reach new heights.

  • Innovating requires giving people both autonomy and support in taking risks. 

  • We rapidly reward great performance with increased responsibility and ownership, regardless of age or experience.

  • When things are not going well, we first offer supportive coaching and training. We part ways with team members that do not produce excellent results after multiple iterations of feedback. 


We say what needs to be said even when challenging.

  • When something is not going well, we have an obligation to share our views

  • We give and receive feedback as a gift intended to improve future performance and the quality of our relationships

  • We share our feedback, complaints, and praise directly with the responsible person and eschew gossip

  • We publicly acknowledge when our own work is substandard and focus on what we can do to improve rather than rationalizing our mistakes or blaming others.


Our path is difficult, so we spend extra time supporting each other on the journey. It’s also more fun that way.

  • We prioritize building strong relationships and support each other in times of need

  • We pause to acknowledge extraordinary work and to celebrate our teammates’ achievements

  • We’re in it for the long haul: we know that long-term productivity requires us to diligently set aside time to sleep, relax, and enjoy our personal lives

  • We laugh and enjoy our work.


Join our team

If you’re passionate about changing the healthcare game, we want to work with you. See our open positions on the career page.

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