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Gain access to the most trustworthy provider referrals.

Garner DataPro is a provider recommendation platform that is transforming care navigation by delivering the most detailed and accurate provider referrals in the industry.


Garner DataPro serves recommendations based on the most detailed and accurate provider performance and directory data in the industry.

Garner starts by amassing the largest data set of medical claims in the country.

We combine data from multiple sources and draw from over 75% of the claims data across the United States.


Our novel approach is grounded in unique domain expertise. 


Garner’s domain expertise incorporates:

•    the latest clinical research,
•    healthcare economic findings and
•    a deep understanding of managed care contracting,

to develop over 500 specialty-specific quality and efficiency measures. These are used to analyze and evaluate provider performance at a granular level and create provider performance assessments that are more transparent, informed and accurate than traditional approaches. 

Get best-in-class provider performance analysis with highly accurate and detailed directory data.

Garner’s rigorous application of data science and A.I. maintains a new industry standard of 94% validated accuracy and ensures our data is always up to date, cleansed and verified.

Garner DataPro also includes access to Garner’s Referral Specialist Team to assist with customized queries, resulting in 100% coverage of member referral needs.


Garner DataPro Delivers


Human-centered navigation has long been a hallmark of our patient experience, and the Garner partnership puts cutting-edge quality and cost data in our navigators’ hands for each and every referral.” 

– Jeff Wells, MD, co-founder and CEO of Marathon

A competitive business advantage that facilitates
increased customer satisfaction.


Simple to implement, easy to use

Garner DataPro connects seamlessly into your existing care navigation workflow. Choose from two delivery formats: data API and an intuitive user interface.


Improved efficiency

Deliver excellence in care navigation faster and with fewer resources.


Better care experience

When patients receive the highest-quality care at lower costs, their experience results in higher satisfaction scores and a stronger brand.

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