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Your employer pays for you to get Garner at no cost.

When you use Garner Health to find a doctor:


Your bills are covered

Garner pays for a select amount (set by your employer) of your medical bills each year. Use it for copays, prescriptions, X-rays and imaging, surgeries — or for any other medically necessary procedure that’s covered by your health plan. It’s there for both you and your dependents.


You get the very best doctors

You get access to our doctor search tool that’s powered by the largest independent database of medical claims and provides an objective analysis of doctor track records. We help you find doctors with the best history of accurately diagnosing health issues and successfully treating patients. You can use this data to select the best doctors in your area who are in your network. You can even select from those who have availability to see you when you’re ready. From there, you can use our mobile app, go to our website, or chat with our concierge to make the process easy.


You have help when you need it

A personal Concierge team member is available to help you navigate the healthcare process.

There’s no catch. Your employer already pays for you to get Garner at no cost.


How do we deliver on both lower costs and better healthcare?

It’s all possible because of one simple fact: Overall, patients with the best doctors have lower medical bills. Missed diagnoses, unnecessary surgeries, and bad health outcomes are expensive. By setting you up with the best doctors, you get better care and the cost is lower for both you and your employer. As a result, your employer covers your medical bills when you use Garner.

We have NO financial relationships with doctors. Recommendations are based solely on independent analysis, not commissions or fees.

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All of our programs function through employer-sponsored health plans. Garner Health is not an insurance company.
Garner Health is a Medicare Qualified Entity.

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